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The Salinas basin study package will save explorationists time, effort, and money in their hydrocarbon evaluation of conventional and unconventional plays as the study incorporates a large amount of data into structural and stratigraphic interpretations. This study’s cross sections, correlation diagrams, and maps provide the explorationist with a unified, yet detailed, view of a structurally and stratigraphically complex basin. The main elements of the study include 6 regional cross sections and cross section restorations and 6 correlation diagrams showing well to well log correlation of the 94 exploration wells used in the cross sections. In addition a Petra project is included, consisting of over 400 exploration wells of the basin, digital surface geology with dips (from 40 Dibblee 1:24000 scale maps), gravity contours, land grids and a regional digital elevation model.

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Thomas L. Davis PhD, California Professional Geologist #4171, Ventura, California 93001, USA