Oil Field Assessment Summaries

  • Oil field summaries serve as a one-page review of the full oil field assessments that can be used as an abbreviated introduction to the oil field setting and technical aspects.
  • Summaries include a pertinent structure contour map, a cross section, type log, overall production history (decline) curves for the field, a review of field history, location, and well count, technical data including estimated oil & gas in place, and remaining potential of the oil field and surrounding area
  • Available as both Adobe .pdf and Microsoft Powerpoint .pptx format

Oil Field Assessments – Full Evaluations

  • Full evaluation assessments examines the oil field in it’s entirety
  • Includes analysis of each major producing zone within the oil field, with an estimate of recoveries to date and remaining reserves within known pools (where possible)
  • Each zone comes with a structure contour map and relevant cross sections, as well as production history decline curves (where possible) and analysis of development to date
  • The full evaluations are meant to serve as a pre-made assessment of an oil field, allowing for informed investment decisions to be made in a timely manner

Petra Projects-Full Oil Field Datasets (petra dataset format, other formats available on request). 

  • Petra projects include: all production data broken down by producing zone, all in-house digital logs available, fully calibrated raster logs for all available well logs, all relevant tops picked, wells identified by producing zone, structure map overlays of producing intervals. Contact us for pricing. tldavisgeo@gmail.com